Usually within thirty minutes to an hour, they’ll send over an elaborate response from credible scientists. We plug it into the episode and keep writing without missing a beat. Research begets scenes begets story lines.
Anthony Zuiker - Creator and Executive Producer (CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI: New York)
I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with Entertainment Research Consultants over five years of writing for CSI, and on numerous other projects I’ve developed. These are men for whom no question is too arcane, and no field of inquiry beyond reach. They consistently responded with answers that were detailed, precise, documented, (the roster of experts with whom they consult is extraordinarily extensive) and always thoughtful with respect to the larger story context in which the questions were being asked. These guys are smart, writer-friendly, and they are very fast. They’re re also very funny, but this is just gravy. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Evan Dunsky - Creator (Nurse Jackie)
You are the greatest researchers on the planet.
Hart Hanson - Creator (Bones, The Finder, Backstrom)
Entertainment Research Consultants is nothing short of phenomenal. I have used them on books, movies and TV shows and in each case they go the extra mile and somehow dig up the extra info – the kind of thing a mere Google search would never uncover – that can absolutely make a project. I don’t know how they do it but I am insanely glad they do. I’d be lost without them.
Jerry Stahl - Author (I, Fatty, Pain Killers)
ERC is smart, quick, and — perhaps most importantly — they ‘get’ what writers need.  We ask them a research question making clear what the story wants and they not only provide accurate answers, they give us facts that trigger dramatic solutions.
Joel Fields - Executive Producer (Rizzoli and Isles, Ugly Betty)
I’ve relied on ERC’s expertise for over 10 years, on everything from forensic murder and mayhem to the technology and history of the wild west, and one thing is certain: they are simply the best.  Ask any question from any field and you will get top notch research from expert sources — and you will get it fast.  Perhaps most importantly, they really understand the entertainment business: instead of saying, “You can’t do that,” they’ll find a way to tell you, “Here’s how…”
Naren Shankar - Executive Producer (CSI, Grimm)